Hi everyone I’m currently playing in the Hertfordshire league in England. I’m in a little village called Chipperfield.

As a club we are looking to put some good structures in place like having a Director of Cricket for the Juniors and Seniors and a head coach which is my responsibility for the season and maybe next year as well.

We are currently trying very hard to produce good cricket and establish ourselves as contenders for the seasons to come.

One of my duties is to coach cricket in local schools so we can attract more players and ensure the future of the Club looks bright. We have seen already a few results as schools are more likely to recommend us.

Otherwise on the social front already met some good people and looking to travel the UK a bit later and watch some one day games at Trent Bridge and hopefully get to go to Old Trafford.

Hope everyone is doing well back home and look forward to another season back home.



Hancke 2

 Chipperfield Clarendon CC

Hancke 1

The local pub!