I am currently playing for Diss Cricket club located in Norfolk which is about 2 hours north east of London. My team mates as well as all the other people are very friendly and have all have a great sense of humour as well as loving their cricket.

As a team at the moment our performances on the field have not been the best as we have won 2 games and lost 3, however we are still looking at finishing in the top 3 in the league as there are 13 games left in the season.

Personally at the moment I’m averaging 47 with the bat and hope to improve that to around 60+ which was my goal before I left.

The level of cricket here is good, wouldn’t say as strong as the level back home but still very strong. A lot of the teams rely on their overseas players for example Fakenham CC have been relying on Chad Bowes former SA u19 captain for the past few seasons and without him performing the team doesn’t seem to do to well. However the competitiveness is just as intense as the premier league back home.

The tracks here are quite a lot slower then back home and tend to nip around a lot more so for any cricketer trying to improve their cricket coming here would be a good option.

When I’m not on the field I’m busy working on the roads in the Tarmac industry, it is tough work but keeps me busy and pays the bills, I also help do gardening if needed and on the odd occasion have 1 on 1 net sessions with some of the younger members of the club. I return home on the 31st of August.

Nick Michaelides